Welcome note by Head of ECOFIN

It all narrows down to money. From the leaders of the world to a common man sitting on a pavement, everyone will agree that money holds the ultimate power: the power which influences the perception of what is right and wrong. The possibility of earning money turns heads as quick as a flash of lightning and quite often it’s for all the bad reasons. So, the Economic and Financial Affairs Council also known as ECOFIN is a necessary part of United Nations to control the unethical activities primarily regarding the use of finance. This year, heated high-quality debates are likely to occur due to the extremely debatable topics of money laundering and trade protectionism where delegates are expected to come up with reasonable solutions to solve the crisis shaking the entire world. These young people are the future of the world. By exercising skills of critical thinking and public speaking; delegates are being molded into empowered global citizens of tomorrow so that they will have the ability to solve world issues later on. Furthermore, these delegates will go through a process of learning how to stand up for what they believe in, which will assist in making them more self-confident. The delegates would come up with effective solutions to eradicate money laundering and encourage them to contemplate the benefits and costs of international trade and reach a justified conclusion supporting the better alternative. The fate of the world lies in our hands.

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Day 1

Committee Session

All the delegates were seated in the Mowbray hall after the 1 st lesson. It was a pleasure to see all the delegates in their school uniform and blazer , ready to debate. All the delegates were assigned to particular seats. Roll call was taken after the delegates had settled down in their allotted places. All the position papers and fact files were distributed to the delegates. The delegates were given time for their research and the session was concluded by 10:10 am.After lunch the GSMUN for the year 2018 was officially declared open. All the delegates were asked to give opening speeches about their countries. The delegate of Turkey was then asked to present his resolution. The delegates made many changes to the resolution. As the debate commenced, all the delegates were asked to shut down their laptops. All the delegates were given a hard copy of the resolution. Surprisingly, all the delegates agreed with all the points stated in the resolution. Nevertheless, the delegates debated well, both for and against the clauses. During the voting procedures, all the delegates went for the resolution and the resolution was passed. Clapping was in order for the delegate of Turkey. A few amendments were made to the resolution and the session was concluded.

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Day 2

Committe Session

The first resolution for the session was presented by the delegate of USA who made many changes to it before the debate commenced. This was followed by a speech by the delegates of India, China and  rance, stating numerous reasons to go against the resolution. After a short break, the committee fell into a period of unmoderated caucus which led to complete chaos, resulting in the order to follow a  oderated caucus once more.  The UN representatives made a major contribution to the committee, changing various perspectives and motivating the delegates. This inspired many delegates to express their views and the debates grew more heated as time passed. During the voting session, all the delegates voted against the resolution even though the voting procedure was conducted quite a few times. This resulted in the failure of the resolution. There were a few disputes in the committee between the delegates; Some of the delegates were suspended as they were unable to maintain decorum. The delegate of UK was then asked to present the second resolution for the session. The delegates of Turkey and UK debated on various points and the speech given by the head of the committee was excellent. Some
amendments were made to the resolution, which was approved of by the committee. The resolution passed with a clear majority. The delegate of India presented the final resolution in which changes were made before the debate commenced.  The debate was rather long as the resolution was strong. The delegates got a chance to take a break in the middle, during the motion of entertainment, when they danced and the entire committee cheered up after a long debate session. After the break, every delegate debated effectively. The delegate of India presented a valuable resolution which was approved of by the committee. The session was not only productive but also enjoyable for the delegates. After several amendments were made, the resolution passed with 85% of the votes.

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Day 3

Committee Sessison

This was the last day of the GSMUN. All the delegates were really excited for the closing ceremony. The delegate of India continued his resolution. Some ammendments had to be made, the ammendments were failed but the resolution was passed. Clapping was in order for the delegate. After the delegate of India, the delegate of France presented his resolution. The delegate allowed for 5 points of information. After the points of information the delegate of UK gave a beautiful speech for the resolution. The delegate of Turkey was hyper with the resolution. The delegates of France and Turkey had a very big dispute regarding to the topic. The UN rebs arrived and clapping was in order for them. The committee declared the unmoderated cockus. There were usage of I, we etc. The meeting was adjourned due to milk break and time consume. The committee was continued after the milk break. The delegate of UK again gave a beautiful speech on the resolution. There were loads of arguments between thedelegates. The UN rep  arrived again. Clapping was in order for them. Some 10 th graders were sitting with us in the committee and were UN rep. The UN reb arrived again in the committee. The delegate of UK argued with the delegate of France.  The session was adjourned due to time consume. The committee was called after the 7 th period. The debate continued when everybody assembled. The first ammendment made was
failed where the second ammendment passed. During the voting procedures the resolution was passed and clapping was in order. The UN reb gave a beautiful speech. The UN reb (Mr. Prabhraj Bhatia) gave a
speech on crisis. All the delegates spoke on the crisis. There was no debate but all the delegates spoke on the topic on the crisis. The debate was now adjourned after the last point. It was the time for the confession to read now.